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Incentive Travel Video

2 Minute Incentive Travel Video
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In today's Internet-savvy world, consumers have become accustomed to up-to-date inventory, wide selection, and quick delivery. Without these services, an online retailer would not be in business for long.

The same holds true for performance improvement and consumer reward participants who are accustomed to shopping at leading online retailers. Participants want the latest digital camera, newest iPod and the best deal on a LCD TV. They want to be able to compare features and prices and will be inspired by selecting the reward that is exactly what they want. In addition, travel buyers want to view pictures of hotel properties, search multiple dates and destinations, compare airfare and view maps of cruise itineraries. Offer all of this and more to participants.

Research reveals using merchandise to motivate can be highly effective and cost-efficient.

Intrinsic Motivators
Provide strong emotional appeal

Stimulate Performance
Merchandise Rewards have a higher perceived value because of the emotional attachment

Trophy Value
Rewards appeal to individual

Connects participants with tangible reminders of success visible to peers, friends and family

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