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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Our arrival and transport were so smooth. I soon remembered why we love this place! We are definitely getting the "tri Exceeding" service around here. Thank you again! ~The Vetters, Omaha

Without hesitation we would recommend Craig and Michael to take care of any travel service or personal service you would require. They are always on top of the needs of their clients and have a fabulous attitude regardless of the time of day or night they are needed. We can't imagine a corporate trip without them to handle all details. After your first experience, you will never use anyone else. ~The Strehlis, Dallas TX

Great job tri Exceeding! The parties were awesome and a great way to meet other dealers. The customer service from Sherri, Michael and the rest of the tri Exceeding team is unmatched by any other company. Five stars! ~Big O Tires Dealer

I have never had better service! The tri Exceeding team really took wonderful care of us. ~Big O Tires Dealer

The whole trip exceeded our expectations. You made us feel like we have known each other forever. ~Steve & Deb, Seattle

Keep using tri Exceeding as your travel program organizers. They do an excellent job. Like old friends, they care about everyone's needs and make things happen when they need to happen. All trip related information was detailed and timely. ~Trip Participant

tri Exceeding seemed to be there whenever you needed them. Hospitality Desk was available for help and service. Emails and phone calls were made if any changes happened and they got right back to you if you had any questions. ~Big O Tires Dealer

Don't change a thing. tri Exceeding did a wonderful job. My feeling is that you would have a hard time trying to exceed tri Exceeding's service and commitment to your travel needs. ~Big O Tires Dealer

Keep using tri Exceeding! I have never seen this level of customer service. This Dealer travel program was far beyond anything I expected. ~Big O Tires Dealer

Sherri and Michael were always on demand. Any question...they were on it. tri Exceeding made it possible to have a 1st class vacation. ~Automotive Parts Dealer

tri Exceeding was very attentive to our needs, extremely polite and always around. Even with my travel complications they were patient and helpful. The trip was a lot of fun and well put together. Thank you! ~Automotive Parts Dealer

tri Exceeding, you are real pros, the best we have seen! Thank you for always being available and answering our questions. ~Independent Tire Dealer

We feel honored that Yokohama cares about the retail dealers and blessed us with this trip. tri Exceeding was exceptional! They were available at all functions, excellent customer service, and pleasant to deal with on the phone prior to arriving in Mexico. We were wowed by the events and gifts. We will work to earn the trip again! ~DK Tire Dealer

Hard to improve on this trip! This dealer incentive makes me feel very good about doing business with Yokohama and DK Tire. Michael, Sherri and all the tri Exceeding team do a great job. Very professionally done! The video and slide show was awesome! ~Independent Tire Dealer

It is nice to be treated the way your team looks after us onsite. It is awesome to see the appreciation during these customer travel programs. Keep using tri Exceeding, they are the greatest. ~Independent Tire Dealer

You guys were very hospitable and had genuine concern for each individual guest. Your customer service is very thorough, up to date. Thank you for the exciting itineraries and pictures. We are truly greatful for this blessing and couldn't believe you could out do the last trip. ~Trip Participant

You guys are always there for questions- very friendly. You made us feel comfortable and welcome. Thank you for everything…keep in touch. ~Monroe Trip Participant

If you can exceed this trip I do not know how! All the tri Exceeding staff was excellent. We could not be more pleased. ~ Gateway Tire Participant

tri Exceeding was around at all times, and they seemed excited about the events they planned. We love them! ~Trip Participant

tri Exceeding did everything to make our stay pleasant. From day one of our planning of this trip, they exceeded customer service needs. Our questions were answered in a very speedy manner. All the receptions were fantastic and we really enjoyed mingling with other attendees. ~Trip Participant

The travel staff was professional, personal and very efficient. Excellent communication regarding trip details! I had issues with my passport, and Sherri worked with me and made the transaction smooth. Thank you! ~Trip Participant

tri Exceeding you go above and beyond the call of duty. The whole staff was unbelievable. You guys went way out of your way to do everything from airline upgrades to accommodating us and our 17 month old baby. ~Monroe Trip Participant

Sherri, Craig, Chaunci and Michael are a big reason we come on these trips. tri Exceeding makes group travel enjoyable. ~Monroe Trip Participant

The travel time, location and resort were all excellent. We were very surprised and pleased with the gifts. Cocktail hours were relaxed and provided ease into the dinner hour. Entertainment this week has been top-notch. Thank you tri Exceeding, you can tell this wasn't your first rodeo. ~Independent Parts Dealer

This trip was excellent, no improvement needed! Sherri was doing everything, everywhere. The whole tri Exceeding staff was awesome. ~Independent Parts Dealer

We have been on multiple customer incentive trips with tri Exceeding. We always know that we are in for a treat when we are attending travel programs they plan and operate. ~Independent Tire Dealer

This trip has been beyond our expectations. Your whole tri Exceeding team is always smiling and working for our enjoyment. ~Brake Max Participant

We personally thought the trip was well organized and accommodating to our needs. The travel staff was very nice and welcoming. Sherri worked with us to shorten the trip to meet our needs. She rocks! ~Automotive Parts Distributor

The entire staff was omnipresent and maintained complete control over all the moving parts for the travel program. ~O.T. and Jane, New Mexico

Customer satisfaction is goal #1.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.
Sam Walton

The single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside its walls. The result of a business is a satisfied customer.
Peter Drucker

The purpose of a business is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between itself and those that it serves. When it does that well, it will be around tomorrow to do it some more.
John Woods

Be everywhere, do everything, and never fail to astonish the customer.
Macy's Motto

Well done is better than well said.
Benjamin Franklin

Being on par in terms of price and qulaity only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.
Tony Alessandra

In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want.
Alice MacDougall

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